Tuesday, June 26, 2012

New updated rules!

So, this is an idea a couple of friends had to make a LOTR mode for League of Legends and it's actually very fun.
If anyone wanna play with us just add xJoSh, Darkiv or Phsycotrance on EUW or LOTRLOL on NA, you can also join the LOTR chat list also on EUW/NA.
These are the rules:

  • Gandalf - Zilean
  • Aragorn - Garen
  • Legolas - Ashe
  • Gimli - Olaf
  • Boromir - Taric
  • Frodo - Teemo
  • Sam - Amumu, the Sad Mummy
  • Pippin/Merry - Ziggs
  • Arwen - Kayle
  • Elrond - Master Yi
  • Galadriel - Janna
  • Treebeard - Mao'kai
  • Faramir - Varus
  • Eomer – Xin Zhao
  • Eowyn - Leona
  • Theoden - Jarvan IV
  • Tom Bombadil - Udyr
  • King of the Dead - Karthus
  • Eagle - Anivia
  • Haldir - Ezreal
  • Sauron - Mordekaiser
  • Saruman - Swain
  • Gollum - Twitch
  • Balrog - Cho'gath/Galio (What do you guys prefer?)
  • Troll - Malphite
  • Goblin - Trundle
  • Orc - Sion
  • Uruk-Hai - Mundo
  • Lurtz - Draven
  • Black Rider - Hecarim
  • Nazgul - Nocturne
  • Witch King - Kassadin
  • Mumakil - Sejuani
  • Shelob - Skarner
  • Warg - Warwick
  • Fell Beast - Shyvana
  • Gothmog - Urgot
  • Mouth of Sauron - Viktor
  • Haradrim - Talon
  • Easterling – Darius

Win conditions:

Fellowship: Frodo has to put a ward in Mordor's Nexus between the two towers.
Mordor: Frodo dies after minute 15 or they destroy Fellowship's nexus.

  • Mordekaiser and Teemo have to be in every game.
  • Only Mordekaiser can carry oracles and CV (The Eye).
  • Everyone has to be in the jungle until 15 minutes into the game.
  • Fellowship has to be always together until 15 minutes into the game.Except when people dies in a battle and tries to join again or when people are trying to run away from a battle.
  • Flash and Teleport cannot be used.
  • Only Teemo can go back to base at any time, other players may only back after each objective. (5/10/20/25 mins).
  • Every player must carry the ghost summoner, the reason for this is so you can't chain exhaust/ignite Frodo.
  • In between events, the teams must stay in the jungle (they can invade too). You can also pass through lanes/towers but not stay on them.

  •  Min 5: Battle of Moria! Teamfight in Fellowship's red buff.
  •  Min 10: Fight on Dragon to kill the Balrog! Whoever wins this battle gets  to kill dragon.
  • Min 15-20: Helm's Deep Siege! Mordor have to push their lanes as much as they can for five minutes. Once this fight is over Frodo can do his quest of the ring and can start pushing to get to the nexus.(aka min 20).
  • Min 25: Battle of Pelennor!!!! Fight on Baron! (Remember that Frodo doesn't have to be there so be careful and don't let him get to base ;)).
If you guys have any questions or suggestions feel free to send us a mail at lotr.leagueoflegends@gmail.com or message us ingame. We love to hear what you have to say so we can all together improve this game.
If we make any updates or have any news we'll let you know in this blog.